About the Cool Tool Girl: Elizabeth Williams Bushey

I always DID have a thing for hammers.

(And the guys who hold them.)

Elizabeth Williams Bushey
Elizabeth Williams Bushey

I’m Elizabeth Williams Bushey, and I come from a long line of women who adore the guys — no man-bashers in my family — in fact, we like ’em so well we want to play ALL the same games THEY get to play.

I’m currently located near Sacramento, in northern California. I came here by way of the state of Georgia, from New York, and I’m raising two teenage girls, in a house where we fix what’s broken, and if we dream it?

We build it.

My oldest was working with a stage crew on a project; boss asked: “Did you learn about tools from your dad?”

She laughed. “Oh, no. My MOM does tools. Dad does photography.”


If YOU can sew, bake, or even color-by-numbers? You can take care of most simple, and even not-so-simple repairs you THOUGHT you needed to pay for, using some unexpected tools and resources.

You can even do some really fun DIY projects. The trick is prep, planning, and the proper tools: that is, knowing when you’re good to go, and knowing when you need a pro.


I work with three funny, very smart, ruggedly handsome home improvement experts: Friendly Neighborhood Architect Lee Derario, kitchen expert (and actually, pretty-much-everything-expert) Mike Asch, and all-around industry expert and master of all trades Bill Barschow.

The show – The ABCs of Home Improvement – started out on a smaller radio station in Florida, N.Y., and then moved to the larger one in Beacon, N.Y.

I love the listeners. I love my co-hosts. I love what we all learn.

It’s a great, great show, full of advice, laughs, and passionate experts.

What a great gig.

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