Bring on da noise

Phone in glass
Phone + glass= noise

Bring on da noise – believe it or not – from your frustratingly NOT loud smartphone with THIS surprising cool tool.

Funny how the simplest things turn charmingly cool once you find their secret superpowers.

If you’re like me — and seemingly everyone who likes to work with their hands — you like music while you work.

If you’re also like me, you‘ve found yourself frustrated more than once by the fact your smartphone doesn’t “go up to 11.” Or even to a reasonable volume.

These go up to 11 a it's one louder.
You thought YOU liked Spinal Tap: at THIS Etsy site, one fan even offers Russian nesting dolls in the fake band’s image.


Since only the insane would consider earbud cords near power tools, and only the foolishly hopeful still purchase wireless headphones, you may feel as though you’re out of options.

Hope is here in the humblest of household items.

The simple drinking glass.

Place your smartphone, speakers down, inside a glass tumbler, and find your ears delighted at the sound boost. (Or is it “bass boost?” I’ve always wondered….)

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