Getting there is NOT the fun, for the un-organized.

Colored tin cans on S-hooks

(Above: recycled, painted (tin?) cans on S-hooks, hung on a dowel – which in turn is hung on two 3M Command hooks: easy-to-move, won’t strip paint.)

When it comes to organization, the GETTING part of “organized” is most DEFINITELY not the “fun” part of the process. You NEVER watch anyone roll up their sleeves with enthusiasm and start gushing: “You think YOU’VE got a fun weekend coming up in Vegas! That’s NOTHING. I’m getting my garage cleaned out and organized.”

(ABOVE is a JOKE, not an ad.)

Be honest: which is more fun? Cobwebs, dirt, and dodging black widows (have I mentioned, those are REAL?*) Or rolling the dice and hitting a double zero? (Or at least getting drinks and meals free.)

Those of us whose workshops/garages/man caves** are less-than-ready for a spot inspection from Martha Stewart — or basically, any human being with (snort) “standards” — we dream of BEING organized, but the arduous task of GETTING organized is so NOT fun, it never seems to make its way onto the “to do” list.

What with all those hilarious cat GIFs on Facebook and whatnot.


And our own fabulous Pinterest for the ABCs of Home Improvement. (Surely you’ve whiled away many an hour there.)

Or, you know. Anything but clean and organize.

Here’s MY trick: do a little at a time, and try to make sure you can still SEE what you put into your organization container, or it’s useless.

Today’s trick, and it’s green, Pinterest-lovingupcycling,” and easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy.


Save your cans.


Drill holes. (This is optional. You’ll see why in a minute. If you skip this, go to STEP FOUR.)


Insert S-hooks into the holes you drilled. Or didn’t. If you did, go to STEP FIVE.


You’ll need 3M command hooks for each can. Go to STEP FIVE.


Hang on pegboard in your garage. Insert whatever is lying around, needs a home, and fits.

If you DO have a garage and do NOT have a pegboard? HOW IT THAT POSSIBLE?

That’s IT. Really. The picture is a little different because reasons.

(Okay: the reason is my pegboard was too cluttered for a picture. Be easy. I’m GETTING THERE…)



* Yes, to my horror, as a CA transplant, I discovered the following horror movie creatures are not only real, but can be found in your mailbox, back yard, or school playground at any time — and if you think I’m funnin’ ya, Google it.

  • Rattlesnakes – the aggressive kind, not the sissy east coast kind that slither away and hide.
  • Black widow spiders – these won’t kill you; they WILL make you hospital-level sick. The Brown Recluse, however, WILL. Sneaky bugger.
  • Bobcats – one was seen frolicking at my kids’ school – which was nearly all-outdoors, like a strip mall.

**I even call MINE a man cave. Oh yes, I am ALL woman. Still, I can’t help but LOVE the name.


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