Less Screwing Around Means More Satisfying Screwing: Or, Size Matters. Again.

i keep everything handy for quick daily stuff:: drill, hammer, measure ... THE GOOD SCISSORS ...

i keep everything handy for quick daily stuff:: drill, hammer, measure … THE GOOD SCISSORS …

Bigger is NOT better …

… when it comes to tool boxes, as anyone who has ever searched fruitlessly for a screwdriver — or worse, has fished for the precisely right-sized screw tip for an IKEA-esque nightmare assembly in the unseeable bottom of Grandpa’s loud, clanking tool box.

The floor of the Pacific Ocean’s Mariana Trench seems easier to find.

Why, you, wonder, are you somehow working free, to finish assembling furniture for a company you could SWEAR you just paid

… Meanwhile? Excited, waiting smiles keep you going — flashlight (or spotlight) in hand, exploring your cavernous collection of tools, screws, bits, etc.

One of these days,” you swear, (and also you swear like a sailor during Fleet Week), “I GOTTA get this together.”

Passenger in car: "My mom used to swear so much when I was little, I thought my name was 'fuck.'"
Just like this.

No problem: downsize. The GOOD way.

STOP with the HUGE, multi-drawer, jump-start-your-testosterone-style tool holders that look like tractors without wheels.

tool boxes supporting truck
THIS is too much toolbox.

Shrinkage. (Yeah, I said it.) Shrink it down.

Go mobile. (Uh-huh, like the web. Also like The Who.)

Break the tools down JOB: and use smaller, portable bags, with lots of pockets, and HANDLES, and without EVER having to become annoyingly anal-retentive, you’ll NEVER search again for the right tool, or the right SIZE tool.

Believe me: most dudes who see my own setup actually stop, stare, and comment how GREAT it is.

Here’s how YOU can:

Diaper Bags are GREAT for this. Lots of pockets, sturdy, & nearly ALL come with a good-sized changing pad that cleans up SUPER easy.

Overnight bags: splurge on a decent woman’s bag. We KNOW the value of extra pockets, fellas; I’m not steering you wrong — and fear not: they come in black. Check Ross, Marshall’s, TJMaxx, for sales & bargains. (These are all owned by the same company; and DO check these links — I looked up examples for you.) Overstock.com is another good spot. But? Buy better; it will be worth it.


A tool box sink vanity! ... I'm all a-flutter...
A tool box sink vanity! … I’m all a-flutter…

NO one probably NEEDS this, maybe, per se … I don’t know…

Yes I do know. I need this. I need this like I need AIR. I need this SO badly, OMG….

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