Who Lost the Good Scissors?

Part of my self-appointed mission is to keep phrases like THESE out of your life:

“THIS is why we can’t have nice things.”
(Actually, this one is weird: poor guy stops a terror attack on a train in France, only to get stabbed multiple times in his own hometown. One street over from where I myself was one week ago. Lucky for the stabber, not so lucky for the airman. I wish that guy well.)

(From tumblr) "ok Sacramento stop shooting people it's not even the new year yet #thisiswhywecanthavenicethings
Um… Ok. Nothing I can do here …


“What am I, the maid?”

Minion as maid



For everyone who has ever screwed their good scissors into the drawer onto a chain (unless that’s just me), or who ever has Sharpie’d onto the orange handle “Mommy will be VERY cross if these get lost” (unless that’s also just me), I offer hope:

Two at-home DIY sharpeners which actually WORK.

(On knives, too.)

Safe enough to hand over the chore to those pesky scissor-misplacers, as well — as long as they’re in the neighborhood of say, 13 and older.

Yellow handled scissor & knife sharpener
Looks good. Tastes better. Wait… No…


The above is both a knife and scissor sharpener, and depending how you hold it, for righties or lefties (that is, those few of you southpaws who stubbornly refuse to adjust to the rest of the world — meaning almost none of you.)

With a surprisingly few number of strokes, your blades will be sharp again. Unless you’re DYING to use your Dremel for SOMETHING… finally?

This is pretty neat.

Where do you get yourself one? Anywhere. Any major chain, but please try a local place first: it’s called “Mr. Smith’s sharpener” if that helps.

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